The famous vlogger was buried alive in the most watched YouTube video in America this year

The famous vlogger was buried alive in the most watched YouTube video in America this year

I’ve watched MrBeast’s video more than 153 million times, which, of course, spent more than two days underground just for the sake of experimenting – and watching.


I was buried alive for 50 hours – a video with this title was uploaded at the end of March by a popular American vlogger that became the most watched on YouTube this year.

MrBeast is a true online celebrity with nearly 85 million (!) subscribers to his YouTube channel. His videos have tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of views, where he usually performs many entertaining challenges. For example, he once tried to run a marathon with the largest shoe in the world, ate the largest slice of pizza in the world with his friends, and in a video he gave a lot of money to strangers who only had a minute to spend that amount. But there were also examples of him spending 24 hours in the “ice chamber” and being held in solitary confinement for 50 hours.

However, in March, he did something more dangerous than ever: He vowed that his friends would bury him alive. He was lying in a special coffin covered in bedding, and of course there were things he needed to survive, like food and drink.

I set up several cameras that took him and he kept in touch with his friends through a handheld transceiver. They even made him a tombstone that read, “Mr. Beast, rest in peace for 50 hours.”

The YouTuber was very bored underground, but his companions tried to entertain him with various pranks. Before they extracted it, the man was sensitive to seeing the light and the outside world again.

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He uploaded a video of the challenge to his channel on March 27, which has since been viewed more than 153 million times – making it the most watched video of 2021 on YouTube in the US.


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