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Barbie hits Netflix in September, and Greta Gerwig returns to IMAX with new scenes

Barbie hits Netflix in September, and Greta Gerwig returns to IMAX with new scenes

Has Barbie fever started to appear? No, because you don’t have to wait that long for the new Barbie show, Netflix and Mattel have teamed up to produce a new Babrie animated series, and the summer blockbuster also returns to IMAX theaters with additional scenes.

The Mattel universe continues to expand, and at present it seems very likely that the success of Barbie will enrich the toy factory and of course the needs of the growing public with additional content. As part of this, on September 14th First time Also the new Netflix animated series Barbie: A Touch of Magic, but no information about a domestic release at this time.

In the new series, Barbie “Malibu” Roberts and Barbie “Brooklyn” Roberts embark on a mystery adventure as a dreamy couple make new friends and discover the magic and fantasy that surrounds them.

According to the story, the aforementioned couple are enjoying life on the beach in Malibu, when Barbie and Barbie encounter a mysterious pony, and together they try to find out where their new friend came from. However, it soon turns out that the mysterious pet’s name is Peggy, who is the daughter of Pegasus who has just been sent to Malibu on a mysterious mission. Barbie and Barbie must keep a close eye on their friends and family to keep the newcomer safe from the clutches of Rocky, a magical creature with a mysterious mission of its own.

New animation Barbie: A Touch of Magic based on the 2018 Barbie DreamHouse Adventures series, which is not available in the Galactic profile, as friends return to Malibu to reconnect with their former friends and locations seen in the prequel.

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Barbie returns to IMAX with new scenes

The Barbie fever has never subsided as the second highest-grossing Waner Bros. production. It will soon get additional showings in IMAX theaters. Greta Gerwig’s record-breaking creation will be released with expanded scenes in select IMAX theaters September 22, so those who haven’t seen the movie yet – or who want to expand their Barbie world collection online, have double the chance to trade it in for streaming or IMAX experiences. .

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