The European Union accepts the British Protection Card

The Brussels Commission said Thursday that the European Commission has adopted an equivalent resolution with Armenia and the United Kingdom on mutual acceptance of coronavirus protection documents, allowing the two countries to join the European Union’s system to combat the coronavirus epidemic.

According to the decision, Covid certificates issued by the relevant authorities in the UK and Armenia are equivalent to the EU Covid digital certificate, and certificates issued by them must now be accepted in EU member states under the same conditions as an EU certificate. At the same time, the two countries agreed to

It accepts the EU digital Covid Card for all participants with such certification.

The British were also very much looking forward to this measure as more and more countries in the European Union had introduced tests for British tourists to enter museums and restaurants, as the Certificate of Protection there was not equivalent to that accepted at these inland sites.

Commission correspondence quoted Justice Commissioner Didier Reynders, who said that safe travel was made a reality thanks to the EU Security Card, which is now a leading global standard. So far, 45 countries from four continents have joined the EU plan, and more will follow in the coming weeks and months. He said the EU would remain open to other countries joining the EU system.

The decisions adopted on Thursday will go into effect on October 29.

Opening image: Cristian Storto / Getty Images

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