The era of hydrogen burning may be coming sooner than anyone thinks

The era of hydrogen burning may be coming sooner than anyone thinks

The Georgia Power At the McDonough-Atkinson 2.5GW natural gas plant, I demonstrated how to use (down from) natural gas without much technical involvement. The demonstration project burned a mixture of natural gas containing 20 percent hydrogen under various loads in one of its modern gas turbines. News PowerMag . said With GP Southern Company presented as a staggering record, General Electric has reached a mixing rate of only 5 percent in similar trials in the past.

Most importantly, according to the article, using the presented technology alone can reduce CO2 emissions per unit by 7 percent.
Gas turbines, six of which operate at the power plant, are made by the Japanese company Mitsubishi: M501G Combined cycle natural gas turbines are capable of providing 270-280 MW of power. Not entirely new technology, the first copies of the turbine model were made in 1997.

As the US operation was successful and project participants recorded positive expected results measured at both partial and full load, this also predicts that the power plant’s greener operating coefficient can be increased up to sixfold in an affordable manner.

“At the McDonough-Atkinson plant, this massive hydrogen demonstration project is another example of how Georgia Power and Southern Company’s energy future is being built today,” said Allen Reeves, Georgia vice president and chief production officer. He believes that this example will help pave the way for an increasingly long-term, clean and carbon-neutral use of existing infrastructure.

The company believes that although natural gas has become an “important partner” in expanding renewable energy sources, there are many opportunities to support clean energy production by examining and developing existing infrastructure.

20, 30 … 100

The Business Wire BooksGeorgia Power has paved the way for a significant reduction in CO2 emissions by demonstrating that the gas turbines at the McDonough-Atkinson plant will be able to provide hydrogen after retrofit. The company has been on that path for years, having cut its emissions by more than 60 percent in the past 15 years, but the advent of hydrogen could give it new speed.

Mitsubishi Power has provided a turnkey solution for a US power plant just 10 miles from Atlanta. This means that the Japanese company carried out the design, risk analysis, construction and installation of hydrogen mixing equipment for gas turbines, and also carried out inspections and commissioning. They had to involve outside help to provide the necessary hydrogen supplies: this a Certros It has become the largest hydrogen supplier, sourcing and service company in the United States.

But the basis of the McDonough-Atkinson “experiment” was built solely on the ideas and expertise of Mitsubishi Power in burning hydrogen. This is important because the Japanese company operates 50 kilometers from the city of Kobe Takasago business factory It is dedicated to the development, design and manufacture of gas turbines and will be put into operation in February this year Opened here Takasago Hydrogen Park, the world’s first certified hydrogen technology center.

Photo: Mitsubishi

At the end of the opening news, Mitsubishi also announced that it could already use 30 percent of the hydrogen in its large gas turbines. By 2025, their goal is to achieve a hydrogen burn rate of 100 percent — for both small and large gas turbines.

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