This is how petunias are looked after until the flowers fall

Petunia is a popular annual plant that comes in many colors and varieties. Its gorgeous drooping flowers cheer us up all summer long, but for it to shine in its full glory, we need to do a few things regularly. Here are the top 4 things to do to take care of them.

1. Place the petunia in a sunny location

Petunias need at least 6 hours of full sun per day. The sun provides the energy for the growth and flowering of petunias. If the plants receive less than six hours of light per day, you can encourage them to bloom more by moving them to a brighter location.

Perhaps early in the season the petunias bloomed beautifully because the trees didn’t have much foliage, but later fully developed leaves shaded the flowers a lot.

2. Water abundantly

Keep the soil constantly moist, but avoid stagnation of water. during summer Potted petunias probably need water every day, sometimes twice a daybut in the case of plants grown in beds, more time can pass between waterings.

If you notice that plants in hanging baskets or boxes look wilted on a hot summer day, water them ASAP! If you can, immerse the bowl completely in water and let it drain. It is also beneficial to plant petunia with other plants with similar water requirements.

3. Add the nutrient solution regularly

When planting petunias, mix a slow-dissolving fertilizer into the soil. When the plants really start to grow, switch to a water-soluble fertilizer. The use of regular plant food greatly affects the amount of flowers. Fertilize every two weeks during May, then switch to weekly feeding in June as the weather warms.

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Avoid fertilizers that are high in nitrogen. Nitrogen is a nutrient that promotes foliage growth rather than flowering. The first number on a fertilizer label indicates nitrogen. Instead, give your petunias a balanced fertilizer where all three numbers are the same, or a fertilizer high in phosphorous, which is the second number on the label.

4. Cut off the spent shoots

If you see that the shoots are stretched, feel free to cut the plant again. As a general rule, don’t cut more than a third of the petunia’s size. With this, you can begin to grow and stimulate flowering.

Your petunias will take a week to recover from pruning, but the end result will be a fuller plant that will produce more flowers in the future.

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