The area around the Red Cross has been cleared

The area around the Red Cross has been cleared

The locals call this section the Red Cross, precisely because of the Red Cross that was erected there. The car park is not only visited by those who have traveled longer, but it is also a good place for a meeting or sale. Unfortunately, this can be seen in the area, as people dumped a lot of rubbish and rubbish here.

A few weeks ago, Magyar Közút Nonprofit Zrt employees cleaned up the area. Norbert Sándor Pécsi, the company’s head of communications, said, at our request, that the site in question had been used continuously in previous years to eliminate illegal landfills, but unfortunately it was always reproduced.

– Recently, we collect illegal waste again, do plant care work for more aesthetic environment and put cameras on site. So the next time someone is littering the scene again, we can report it to the police immediately. We hope that through this we will be able to prevent irregularities, and thus the intersection environment can be settled in the long term – said Norbert Sandor Becchi.

Magyar Közút Nonprofit Zrt employees have also begun renovation work in Tolna County. The weather is now perfect for paving. In addition to complete road renovations, the company also performs local repairs, such as potholes and large-area sidewalk repairs.

This year, several complete renovations could be carried out in some interior sections in Bunyehad, Simonturnia, Tevel, Cankert and Tolna, as well as in the Palva, Ozora, Nagiszukoli, Pekaks and Nagiszkili districts, says Sandor Norbert. Beachy.

Asphalting works are taking place on the roads linking Patashek – Bunyhad, Hugesz – Dombovar, Junek – Hugues, Nagikuni – Kobanizanto, Irigchimex – Tabod, Koksola – Zakesh, Bunyehad – Tefil.

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In order to ensure the safety of road users and other drivers, Magyar Közút Nonprofit Zrt. The Company requires the patience and understanding of travelers during restrictions and repair work.

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