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The amateur gardener from Upper Centifan harvests tomatoes on a ladder

The amateur gardener from Upper Centifan harvests tomatoes on a ladder

It started out weak and then got stronger.

Zoltan Bebeto and his family moved into the family home two years ago, and last year they managed to restore the 300 square meter terrace to a state where they could also contemplate a garden. The mini garden itself is about the size of a palm, only 12 square metres, but almost everything grows in the highest quality soil.

This year, Zoltan planted two 10-centimetre-tall seedlings next to each other in the garden, but he was completely amazed after a few weeks.

Although he couldn’t find out what kind of species it was, the garden lover from Upper Santivan didn’t disappoint.

As it turned out, one was black and the other was a red cherry tomato.

At first it seemed to me that they would never grow into a full-grown plant, and then overnight I couldn’t help but stop them from signing. In the end, a 3-meter-high pole had to be demolished, and its legs were tied to it. I kept digging, but it wasn’t an easy task, about 8 buckets of buds and leaves fell out. Now the plant is well ventilated, and the sun’s rays reach its fruits

Zoltan said to the multicolored area.

Zoltan Bebeto

The farmer from Upper Centifan loves to work in the garden, he walks around it every day after work to see how the plants are doing. In recent days, the Peptus family has continued harvesting the delicious and crunchy fruits that grow on the tomato tree, and since they love tomatoes, they eat them with pleasure.

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