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The 79-year-old Netflix star was convicted of sexual assault

The 79-year-old Netflix star was convicted of sexual assault

“I lay on my back, and writhed on the floor like a stink bug.” – They stormed Kempe Sorel, who fell hard for the thief

The thief entered the actor's house in broad daylight, and in the end he left smoothly, and the police did not find him.

Kempe Sorrell was robbed once before, and he opened up about it in a TikTok video. According to him, he was about to take a shower when he heard strange noises:

“Imagine getting robbed all at once! I work at home on my laptop, and after I finished my work, I went to take a shower, around 3:30 or 3:00 in the afternoon. While I was splashing cold water on myself in the summer heat, I heard something like Someone fiddling with the lock. I stopped showering and listened. Clear sounds directed my attention toward the balcony door, where a man was working the lock.

– says the actor who also revealed that he lost a lot in the end.

“I approached the place with a towel wrapped around my waist and my feet were wet, and when the man wanted to enter the apartment, I kicked down the door with a steady motion. My wet feet slid along the floor. I was lying on my back, writhing on the floor like a stink bug. And the man, as if nothing had happened, grabbed the railing.” And he jumped from the first floor. With a straight waist like a thoroughbred English horse, he ran calmly away from the scene. I couldn't help but shout after him: “What are you? A cat?”

After what happened, he called the police, but “the investigation did not end successfully, but at least I was able to clean the apartment for a few days,” he said. porsonlineto.

Video: About theft

@iamkembesorel Wasn't it very funny…then? IG: iamkembesorel #Compisoril #fyp ♬ Hip-hop with an impressive piano sound (793766) – Dusty Sky

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