That’s why the one-shot snipers from Warzone 2 have disappeared again

We can blame Friday’s update for that.

At the start of Warzone 2, many users were saddened to note that the Sniper class has been greatly weakened. The developers removed the ability for players to take out fully armored opponents with a headshot. This was a conscious decision, and both Infinity Ward and Raven Software have emphasized this many times in the past.

They also revealed that they are already working on a mode where it is possible to kill with one bullet, but it will not return to the basic modes. However, society does not know the impossible. At the beginning of the second season, several people noticed that if they put an incendiary shell, one click could be enough. It was clear from the stats that the category had picked up quite a bit.

However, on Friday night, the fun is over!

The players unfortunately realized over the weekend that the method that was discovered last week didn’t really work. However, the developers did not sell the sack cats. We also reported an update on Friday and Saturday morning. In it, both Raven Software and Infinity Ward clearly highlighted that bugs related to incendiary projectiles have also been fixed. In light of this, it can again be said that the developers really didn’t want to see snipers get killed with one shot in normal game modes. It’s a great question when the private mode that allows this will arrive, but only Activision can answer that.

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Here are the other changes:

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