The game developer has revealed if they will show the face of Master Chief

The game developer has revealed if they will show the face of Master Chief

There are a few iconic heroes in the game’s history who don’t talk much or we couldn’t see their faces very often. Although we’ve seen Doom Guy bleed into Doom 1-2 in a cunning way, Doom (2016) and Doom Eternal created an even bigger myth about the re-defined Doom Slayer by leaving the helmet on their heads in most scenes. So did the other iconic warrior in green armor, Master Chief of Halo, who without his helmet has been unable to participate in the series’ history. Could this change in the future? The game developer answered the question.

Joseph Staten started at Bungie, the original development team, wrote the story for Halo: Combat Evolved, and also directed the transition videos for Halo 1-2. He’s a Halo Infinite director interviewed by Game Informer about the current multiplayer beta test and upcoming Infinite premiere. Staten received 117 shocking questions that he had to give quick answers to. One burning question was whether we could see the true face of the Master Chief. The director replied: “I think it depends on one’s goals [a karakterrel], but in terms of games, I think the unknown is important [és arctalan] hero.” So it depends on the context whether he will have any function in the future during the plot of the Halo episode.

Until now, a large percentage of video game developers claim that a player can truly experience himself only in a certain virtual world if he does not control a hero with a very strong character, and it is better to make the hero himself. . However, the The Witcher series, for example, or the latest Grand Theft Auto sequel have proven that immersion can work when playing with an elaborate character. Anyway, maybe the Master Chief or the Doom Slayer have really become too iconic characters to show off their faces.

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By the way, Marcus Leto, the former developer of Bungie, has been a developer of the Halo game world for three years I got a question from fansWhat does a master chef look like. Lehto revealed that they have sketches of a hero also named John 117 depicting him as a bald man with a scarred head, so the developer describes him as heroic and brutal. Marcus Leto told fans there are pictures of him, but they’re locked deep in Bungie’s safe. Perhaps one day they will show the drawings to the fans and then they can see how the original developers depicted their hero.

Halo Infinite will be released on December 8 for PC, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One. The opening scene of the game has been leaked, you can see it here. Incidentally, in the interview, Joseph Staten also got the very important question of whether the Master Chief would like a spicy noodles pumpkin (!) if she was also present in the Halo universe. Staten also downplayed the hero and specialty coffee lovers: “No, he doesn’t live with pumpkin, his hot latte.” On the other hand, the director suggested that some of the classic Halo maps might return to Multi, and more weapons will arrive after they are launched.

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