There has been no change in the state of the nuclear facilities. Russian forces pushed into Chernobyl on Thursday, which quickly brought it under their control.

The level of gamma radiation in the so-called Chernobyl closed zone is called In the area of ​​30 kmwhich was the most polluted by radioactive fallout after the nuclear disaster.

The official website of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine said on Friday that the level of gamma radiation has risen at several checkpoints, which is also supported by data from online radiation monitoring systems.

Ukraine has not yet been able to say at the time of the original announcement the reason for the increased radiation levels at Chernobyl. The Russian forces had occupied the nuclear power plant the day before Thursday, the Ukrainian side hung: “This is one of the most serious threats facing Europe today.”

The Ukrainian State Inspectorate of Nuclear Energy later reported looking atThe increase in radiation levels resulted from changes in topsoil and air pollution. First, it should be understood that the heavy military vehicles of the Russians overcome radioactive dust with their movement.

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The authority’s statement confirmed that there had been no change in the state of the facilities.

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