Within two weeks, a robot called Tesla Bot became the company’s second most important project. Clever and not a little.

Working at Tesla Bott is a priority for the company that makes electric cars now — at least that’s what’s going on Electric According to billionaire Elon Musk. The newspaper pointed out that although the project has been important to the company so far, it has become more recent. So much so that the company is also putting off some car upgrades so they can focus on working on the bot. But what is it?

Tesla Bot was announced at a developer conference by Elon Musk, stressing that it could be the company’s first gadget (and possibly one in the world) He will also be able to keep the memories of a dead man. This of course requires a lot of improvement, but the work, at least according to Musk, is more than good. This can be excluded from the words of the billionaire, as Musk said: He considered it possible to start manufacturing the robot next year, in 2023. At that time, of course, only the first version was available, but that would be a huge step forward.

However, Musk’s words are worth handling with extreme caution, since then Also a filter for Twitter Entrepreneur is notorious for giving him very short time to complete a project. In addition, the first prototype of the Tesla Bot should be available by the end of 2022, but it is not yet possible to guess if this will be a thing. The robot was invented by Tesla to solve labor shortage problems anyway, but the company’s engineers — and apparently Musk himself — saw it as a more forward-looking opportunity.

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