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Lavrov: The goal of the United States is to completely destroy the European economy

Lavrov: The goal of the United States is to completely destroy the European economy

According to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, the goal of the United States is to weaken the European Union both militarily and economically.

He said in an interview published on Sunday that Europeans “already suffer from sanctions imposed on Russia more times than the United States.”

“There are more and more economists, not only here, but also in the West, who have come to the conclusion that the goal of the United States is to completely ‘bleed’ the European economy and deindustrialise” – Tell.

“Washington’s interest is also to weaken Europe militarily. To remain under constant pressure, to force it to pump weapons to Ukraine, and in return fill the arms depots of European Union countries with American shipments,” said Lavrov.

In pursuing such a policy, Washington is guided by “economic and purely selfish calculations and ideological doctrines of superiority.” – Tell.

Earlier this month, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Americans are making “crazy money” by selling gas to European countries at exorbitant prices amid EU sanctions against Russian energy supplies.

According to him, this will inevitably lead to a “declining industrialization” in the European Union, which in turn will have “very unfortunate consequences” for the bloc “in the next ten to twenty years”.

In the wake of the blanket sanctions imposed by the European Union on Russia due to the military operation in Ukraine, gas prices have skyrocketed. The bloc now faces the prospect of a winter power shortage and a spike in inflation. Brussels has largely followed Washington’s position, which seeks to weaken Moscow with sanctions while backing Kyiv with arms shipments and financial support.

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