Man has not yet been animated, but the miniatures created by Australian scientists are still learning faster. Table tennis is already going well for them.

The startling result said researchers at a biotech startup, Cortical Labs, have taught a group of human brain cells in a petri dish how to play a video game called Pong. new world.

The “mini-brains” created by Cortical consist of eight hundred thousand to one million brain cells, and this does not matter much. The average person has much more, roughly 90 billion brain cells. However, the result of the work is a huge step forward, which Brett Kagan, Scientific Director of Cortical Laboratories, cannot stress. According to him, the taught miniatures can rightly be called “cyborg”.

The team began their research by creating a simplified single-player version of a game similar to table tennis. According to the study, a signal was sent to the right or left of the matrix to indicate where the ball was, and neurons in the brain cells sent signals to move the bat.

Small brains are not as skilled as humans, but they learn much faster than artificial intelligence programmed for this. So Kagan refers to the project as if it were matrix They would make a special version where the miniatures believed they existed as rackets and had no choice but to hit the ball.

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Cortical Labs hopes that the work will lead to cutting-edge technologies that will pave the way for “living” structures complemented by computing tools.

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