Több Battlefield projekten is dolgoznak az EA különböző stúdiói, ezt tudjuk róluk most bevezetőkép

Several EA studios are working on several Battlefield projects, and this is what we know about them now

Battlefield 2042 did not disappoint the publisher, in fact, there are several new games in the pipeline.

On Saturday, it will be 20 years since the Battlefield franchise began, and the latest installment may be the worst episode in the series. EA and DICE know this perfectly, but the failure has not discouraged them, at least we can infer that from the fact that they hired another studio to develop Battlefield, giving the publisher Battlefield being online want to create.

First of all, EA has stated that Battlefield is one of the best FPS franchises in the world, and they fully support it and stand by it even after the funny 2042 to say the least (these are our words, not EA, but they probably don’t. I don’t really agree with the statement). They reiterated that they strive for many teams around the world to develop some kind of Battlefield experience at the same time, so that everyone can find the challenge that suits them best.

The franchise’s leadership has now been taken over by two former Call of Duty leaders, Byron Bed and Vince Zampella, both of whom played a major role in making Call of Duty a global success. Meanwhile, the Swedish DICE team is led by Rebecka Coutaz, and Christian Grass is paving the way for the Ripple Effect (the latter studio also played a major role in the development of 2042).

EA is also launching a new studio dedicated specifically to the Battlefield series, in which the iconic Master Chief Marcus Lehto will take over. Ridgeline Games’ mission is to deliver the most exciting stories possible while staying true to the franchise.

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Meanwhile, Swedish game DICE is still responsible for episodes centered around the multiplayer, so it’s still doing fairly well since 2002, and in addition, Battlefield Mobile is also actively being developed under the hands of industrial game developers.

EA hasn’t said anything specific about when we’ll see anything concrete from either project, and while we’re pleased that the franchise is expanding aggressively, it’s also troubling that what was once in the hands of one team is now being torn in countless directions. He also says that Lars Gustafsson, creative director of DICE, who has worked on various episodes of Battlefield since its inception, has left his post.

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