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Szijjártó sharply criticized the President of the European Commission

Szijjártó sharply criticized the President of the European Commission

Sep 4, 2023 – 10:46 p.m

Peter Siarto said on Monday at the joint meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan that Europe has performed very poorly under the presidency of Ursula von der Leyen. in his press conference. According to Siarto, this could be a political statement, but it is not, because the facts show it.

According to the foreign minister, during von der Leyen’s term, China overtook the European Union in terms of its share of the global GDP, and the threads of cooperation between East and West were severed one after the other. Sjärto also spoke of how the European Commission, under von der Leyen’s leadership, had consistently put Poland and Hungary at a disadvantage compared to other countries. The minister added: Neither the president nor the Commission can bear that.

Another development on Monday was that Palasch Orban also complained to the European Commission’s leadership of Politico’s weekly newsletter. According to the prime minister’s political director, it is not guaranteed that the government will vote for von der Leyen as president again. Although the German politician has not yet indicated that he will run for office again, some leaders of member states have already hinted that they would be happy if he continued.

When nominating, heads of state and government must take into account the results of the European Parliament’s vote, and the next chair of the commission will be chosen by MEPs – we wrote about this in our most detailed article.

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