Such a crowd was partying at Majka and Curtis' party, unconscious

Such a crowd was partying at Majka and Curtis’ party, unconscious

They are still the strongest duo in Hungary, and put on a show like no other.

The relationship between Majka and Curtis goes back a very long time, many years ago. Although Majka is much older than the young rapper, they found harmony and it quickly turned out that they had huge potential in their collaboration.

Having said that as much as it is just a few things before they became tycoons in the music world, he has come a long way and has gone on with that particular bandwagon. True, they frightened the fans a little when they parted due to Curtis’ problems, but then reconciled.

However, in those few weeks, it looked like the duo of Curtis and Mica would never be the same again or even get together. Once things are discussed and reconciled, everything goes in the same direction and they are fine.

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And their successes speak for themselves, and there is no place where they cannot build a full house. The atmosphere in Oradea was also unconscious, they were greeted like a real star, it could be a crazy feeling to play music with such a fanfare.

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