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Stellar Blade: One weekend won't be enough for him!

Stellar Blade: One weekend won't be enough for him!

Shift Up (which is looking for more people for a third project; it was in the news the other day) has been told how long it will take to play, and there's little to fear that Stellar Blade will follow the example of Dragon's Dogma 2 .

Kim Hyeong-tae, director of Stellar Blade, and Lee Dong-gi, art director, have recently given interviews to several Asian publications, thus learning more details about Stellar Blade, the demo of which has become available on the PlayStation Store. For a few days now. Walkthrough (if only the main quests are completed) approx. It takes 25 hours, so we won't be able to finish it in 2-3 days unless we spend eight hours a day playing Shift Up.

However, if we want to find all the side quests and collectibles, this will be at least 30 hours, but we can spend up to 50 hours with Stellar Blade. The Hard difficulty will be unlocked after playing, but New Game+ won't be available at launch, though the developers hint that NG+ will be included in their game later. But what about monetization? No microtransactions are planned, except for cross-over content (mainly fashion). It hasn't been determined if there will be any major DLC, but the free updates and new costumes you see in other Sony-published games will be common here.

“The DLC release has not been determined yet, but free updates such as additional costumes are currently being worked on. We would like to point out here that Stellar Blade does not require any additional expenses other than the cost of purchasing the bundle which players may not be aware of. Exception The only thing is if we create a collaborative outfit with another company's IP, that amount can be sold for a fee.” He said shifting up.

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Several Japanese developers have shown interest in Stellar Blade, which will be released on April 26 on PlayStation 5. For example, Taro Yoko, the creator of NieR, is following the game closely, and Kojima Hideo recently met with Kim Hyeong-tae. 2B in Steeler's Blade? It seems reasonable…

source: WCCFTech, rollweb, 4 players,)

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