Steam Labs is testing a feature that curates the game’s DLC

Steam is still one of the most successful gaming platforms where Valve team is doing everything to serve the gamers and always try out new features. Here is the latest experience.

The Valve team works daily to make Steam the easiest platform to use and better serve gamers’ needs. They are constantly changing the store to make your game shopping experience more enjoyable. It’s so good that it gives you an insight into betas and innovations: that’s what Steam Labs is for!

The most recent experience on the site is DLC for you Which organizes already purchased gaming accessories. Here you can get an insight into current and upcoming DLCs, and Steam will also compare your options for you. Which can be very useful, just think in the case of The Sims video game series.

The feature allows users to only view add-ons for their favorite games. In addition, by changing the search filters, you can also set when games are listed.

Since this is still a Steam Labs project, the feature can never be considered final. Users will decide. But if it doesn’t work out yet, it can go into the soup with all the other failed attempts.

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