Save London with Circus Electrique steampunk RPG with our Circus Company

Save London with Circus Electrique steampunk RPG with our Circus Company


And we even have to manage our company’s productions on the new Zen Studios game.

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the House Zen Studiost for a long time most of his pinball games – a Pinball FX And zain pinball Games – we knew it. However, the team has been keen to try out new genres in recent years, so we’ve seen tower defense games from them (Castle Storm string), a musical rhythm game (kick), but even dungeon crawler (Uberencia: The Stolen Sun).

And while their pinball machines keep getting new tables (although they’re mostly coming to Apple Arcade Zen Pinball Party right now) and promise to release an early version of the new Pinball FX next spring, they’re still working on other genres. From games in studio Buda. And this time it will be a story-based RPG, electric circus.

We visit Victorian Steampunk in London, where residents mysteriously turn into cruel killers and save the city for members of a circus troupe – powermen, firemen, clowns and more. – Castle. We can put together a team of 14 different characters – each with different characteristics of course. And in turn-based battles, opponents like the London police, sailors on the wrong track, and aggressive or mummering classy ladies await us.

And among the clashes, the management of the circus awaits us. In addition to fighting, the performance of company members is also affected by the game’s morale. The better the show we collected, the better our selection of new performers to be recorded, the more money we could raise for ourselves through the production.

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Circus Electrique is set to hit PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch, and is expected to be available next year. ■

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