Sony will be introducing ten more PlayStation 4 games as gifts in the coming weeks

Sony will be introducing ten more PlayStation 4 games as gifts in the coming weeks


Horizon: Zero Dawn will be available in this year’s Play at Home Final.

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Sony announced its Play at Home initiative around its spring shutdown, when it was available for free download on PlayStation 4. Anonymous: The Nathan Drake Group And the Trip Toys. Unfortunately, Coronavirus is still with us, and another similar measure was recently announced, this time with more games.

this year Play at home It started earlier this month when it launched for free in 2016 Ratchet and clankAnd others. You can add this to a PlayStation account for anyone interested in this platform until 5 AM on April 1st.

The sequel will follow on March 25, when we will have access to no fewer than nine games until 5 AM on April 23 (and anything we add to our account will stay there forever). Among these, five games run smoothly on PlayStation 4:

  • Abzee
  • Enter Gungeon
  • Infinite rez
  • Supnautica
  • witness

And for the other four, we need PlayStation VR:

  • Astronomical robots rescue mission
  • moss
  • Thumper
  • Paper monster

The final will take place on April 19, when we will not have the title younger than Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition. We’ll be able to add this to our account by 5 AM on May 15th.

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