Árnyékként követ és fotóz a Snapchat új minidrónja kép

Snapchat’s new mini version follows and shoots as a shadow

Snap Pixy is the answer to your prayers if you’ve always yearned for the paparazzi.

In 2017, Snap Inc. , behind the Snapchat platform, has horned the world to define itself as a camera company rather than a social site. To this end, they previously launched camera-integrated sunglasses, and now they have literally taken their risks and created a camera drone.

Unveiled at Snap Partner Summit Thursday Pick up Pixy Only 130×120 mm, made from a smartphone as a kind of robotic paradise, it can independently follow and take pictures / videos of its owner.

Completed recordings can be uploaded to Snapchat instantly, of course after mandatory editing. Pixy can look at us from a height of up to 3 meters, and on its mobile control interface you can choose from 5 flight modes (tracking, 10 and 30-second flybys, orbit, auto-ascent).

The 101g drone comes with a 12MP camera, and the 16GB built-in storage can store up to 100 videos or 1,000 photos. On the other hand, the battery capacity is very limited due to its small size, the company promised only 5-8, and sometimes about 10-20 seconds of flight on a single charge. This, in turn, could be helped by the optional battery if we could move our lives through the air.

And what is the purpose of Snap with the device? The the edge answer your question Evan Spiegel, CEO of the company said:

“Our mission is to enable people to express themselves, live in the moment, learn about the world and have fun together. And that’s exactly what this product does.”

Undoubtedly, those are big words for a social media drone, but the CEO also revealed that he thinks the demand for camera glasses that serve similar needs is much narrower, so the Pixy could be an even bigger deal. The small drone can only be purchased in France and the United States for $230 ($82,000 net).

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