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Six unique saltwater retreats from around the world have stories to tell
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Six unique saltwater retreats from around the world have stories to tell

British architect Chris Romer-Lee has always been interested in architecture about the outdoors, so much so that he wrote a book about the world’s most interesting tidal pools, which fill with seawater at high tide.

Sea Baths: 66 saltwater reserves from around the world In his book, he wanted to focus on “these often overlooked coastal structures,” which provide safe access to the sea even for those who cannot or do not want to bathe in open water. Dezeen offers six of them.

Langstrand, Namibia

Designed by Johan van Papendorp and built in 1987 at Langstrand Resort, the pool looks like a long-forgotten Star Wars outpost from the air. Astronomy-inspired arches and diagonals dancing on golden sands are associated with the birth of the country, though the resort never really took off and now the pool looks a little deserted.

Emerald Gate, Dinard, France

In 1928, entrepreneur Frank Bailey built the pool, whose excellent engineering and design work went above and beyond to give everyone access to the water. In the 1930s, it gained great popularity among the English and American aristocracy.

Wiley Baths, Sydney, Australia

Deeply rooted in Australia’s cultural history, Wylie’s is one of the most beautiful tidal pools in Australia and perhaps the world, and the site was an important ritual site for Aboriginal women.

Porto Moniz, Madeira, Portugal

Serpentine arches made of white concrete connect the natural lava pools of the coast, which evoke the modernity of Central Europe,

It was built during the Salazar dictatorship, according to assumptions, thanks to the citizens of the city who had to do public works.

Mousehole Rock Pool, Cornwall, UK

The pool, which was designed and built entirely by local residents, has provided safe swimming for the children of the settlement for more than fifty years, and demonstrates the social benefits of tidal pools.

Strandfontein, South Africa

Along with Monwabisi, also in Cape Town, this is the largest tidal pool in the world, but the structure, designed by architect Vaughn Burns, has a sinister past: it was built for residents resettled from the Cape Flats during apartheid, and it is endangered by the coastal topography. time of its completion.

This is what the most amazing swimming pools in the world look like, swimming in them is an unforgettable experience, and these are the best that can be found in hotels.

(source: Design(Images: Getty Images, Unsplash)

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