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She fought back three times, and in the end the women’s polo team lost the competition by five metres

She fought back three times, and in the end the women’s polo team lost the competition by five metres

Attila Biro’s team lost in a huge battle in the fifth place match.

Hungary finished sixth at the Women’s Water Polo World Championships in Fukuoka, after losing to the United States in the 5-meter class.

The match started terribly, the Hungarians did not score in the first four minutes, but conceded three goals. We still managed to win the first quarter 4-2, which is very important, because in the second half we tied it up with two quick goals. Then the recording stopped, and the two teams battled for five minutes before it finally came to an end Dora Lemaitre He scored another Hungarian goal, but in the first half the teams went to rest with a score of 5-5.

Unfortunately, the Americans started the third quarter better, and despite taking a two-goal lead, the score was tied again at 8-8. After that, our opponent took advantage of a double chance, and from here we had no choice but to chase the score again. However, the Hungarian polo players did not give up, they managed to start the last eight minutes from trailing 10-9 and at 11-11 managed to equalize for the third time in the match.

The match ended in a frantic excitement, as the Americans threw two lists, so in the last 45 seconds the Hungarian national team managed to attack to achieve victory, but Rita from Kestley Shot this post Camilla Carver The goalkeeper saved his shot. Thus, the decision was left to the penalties.

In this first round, our team was at an immediate disadvantage, because Farago hit the crossbar Kata Hajdu The goalkeeper saved his shot. Keszthelyi confidently sold the penalty kick and Dorothea Szilagay And he didn’t make a mistake either, but in the meantime Hungarian Alda And he was unable to save one shot out of the four, so the Hungarian team lost.

Under the leadership of Attila Biro, who was appointed in 2015, the team did not finish among the top five in a major world championship for the first time.

Final result – Water Polo World Cup, tiebreaker for fifth place

USA-Hungary 11-11 (4-2, 1-3, 5-4, 1-2) – By five meters 15-13
Scorers: Rani 3, Musselmann, Romer 2-2, Fatal, Sekolic, Stephens, Nicholl 1-1, Kizthele 4, Mate 2, Szilagay, Lemaitre, Garda, Parkes, Farago 1-1.

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