Index - Tech-Science - European Union: Turn off HD on Netflix and Youtube

Index – Tech-Science – European Union: Turn off HD on Netflix and Youtube

Although telecom companies continue to insist that internet infrastructure can meet the exponentially increasing demands of the coronavirus pandemic, the European Union appears to want to make sure it has asked broadcast service providers to limit their data traffic, he wrote. Financial times.

Thierry Britton, one of the European Commission’s Commissioner for Digital Policy, spoke on Wednesday evening that telecom companies and live broadcasters have a shared responsibility to ensure that the internet service works properly in this situation as well. That is why I suggest platforms like Netflix and YouTube

  • Make the content available only in standard definition instead of in HD,
  • Also, draw users’ attention to their own responsibilities.

Professionals ’concerns are also unfounded, as broadband networks are primarily intended for temporary increases in traffic, and not to bear the constant burden of videoconferencing, online students and people who spend their free time on the Internet. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that the use of some services on social media has doubled in the recent past, and the telecom company’s experts are talking of significant lag at peak times, which has put constant pressure on networks.

A Netflix spokesperson said about the issue that they understand the issue and also why Britton drew attention to ensuring that the internet works properly during this difficult time. As he said, they’ve worked for years to make the most of network resources, and they also have a provider solution that allows them to store their libraries near users, thus relieving some of the burden on networks.

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