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The largest interactive map of the universe has been completed, and 200,000 galaxies can be visited

The largest interactive map of the universe has been completed, and 200,000 galaxies can be visited

Johns Hopkins astronomers based on two decades of collecting data from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey Manufacture The largest interactive map of the universe, which allows anyone to travel to parts of outer space known so far and access data that until now was only available to scientists.

According to one of the creators, Brice Ménard, it is important that the data analyzed by astrophysicists and astronomers be published in a form that ordinary people can understand. The Interactive mapwhere the locations of 200,000 galaxies are registered, so they are available to everyone on the Internet for free.

The Sloan Digital Sky Survey A decades-long multistage dataset that yielded color images and 3D maps of the sky. The first data releases (with results from data recordings between 2000 and 2008) contained 930,000 galaxies. Now, a detailed map of part of the universe has been created using this data set from the New Mexico Telescope.

Of the 200,000 galaxies on the map, the Milky Way is just one tiny dot. This clearly shows how a small human civilization – and therefore planet Earth – is compared to the entire universe. The map also shows the first radiation flash, which occurred shortly after the Big Bang.

map of the universepicture: B. Ménard & N. Shtarkman, Johns Hopkins University

The color of the map also indicates distance: the farther an object is from the Milky Way, the redder it appears on the map.

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