Samsung QD Display TV

Samsung QD Display TV: If not official, but it does exist

a Samsung The official announcement for QD-Display TV is yet to come, but CES 2022The best of innovation“It’s already got an award and it’s probably the QS95B.

Everyone was waiting, but it was over CES 2022 On the occasion of the exhibition a Samsung Electronics It has not been officially unveiled which TV Samsung QD Display with his screen.

a Samsung screen in August Details about QD screen features, ie QD-OLED technology screensIt started at the end of November Serial production of 139 cm and 164 cm (55 and 65 inch) QD-OLED TVs and 86 cm (34 inch) displays.

Like a fairy tale – the wise girl who brought both gifts and no, got pregnant Samsung screen A tech show in Las Vegas where selectors can finally see the image of a QD Display TV (and screen) in action and compare it to that of a conventional LCD and WOLED TV.

In short and born and the QD-OLED About the difference: used in all current OLED TVs LG screen and born Each pixel in the screen consists of organic photodiodes that produce white light, one of which remains white, and three of its light are converted by color filters to produce red, green and blue. In contrast, the Samsung screen QD display (QD-OLED) based on a “self-luminous” layer emitting a blue light that can be toggled on a pixel-by-pixel basis.

during the show Samsung screen It reported that QD TV screens of 139 and 164 cm (55 and 65 inches) account for 90.3% of the Rec.2020 color space and an 86 cm (34 inch) screen for 80.7% of the Rec.2020 color space. to reproduce. the LG screen Measurements of WOLED TVs show that they produce a Rec.2020 color space of about 69-72%.

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during the show Samsung screen He also showed by measuring that the peak brightness of his screen in a white window representing 10% of the total image is more than 1000 nits (cd/m2). In comparison, the LG screen For WOLED TVs, the same values ​​are 700 and 1000 nits (cd / m2), in particular 800 lumens (cd / m2OLED evo . panel LG OLED65G1 TV. the Samsung screen It claims a QD screen with 3% white window up to 1,500 nits (cd/m .).2), a full white TV 200 screen and a 250 nit screen (cd/m2) may have luminance.

In principle, there is no difference in the depth of the black level A and born and the QD-OLED However, the viewing angle range of the latter is better than the previous one, although it is already excellent. This is due to the fact that by removing the color filters, approximately converted blue, red and green light appears on the surface of the QD Display. Another great feature of the panel structure is Samsung screen They have a much higher luminous efficiency, that is, they can produce more light while providing less energy, so that the risk of burns is lower than so-called light-emitting diodes. and born In case if. And most interestingly, the QD display apparently reflects less external light, that is, it is reflected, and this is confirmed by the manufacturer not because of some kind of special coating, but because of the panel structure itself.

The first generation of QD Displays will have 10-bit color accuracy, 144Hz for TVs with a 0.5ms response time, and 175Hz for monitors with 0.1ms response time.

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a Samsung screen The testimonials of those present at the show were all pleased with the picture quality that QD Displays provide.

It is already known that QD-OLED panels will be integrated into this year’s high-end Sony A95K devicesBut what about a Samsung QD projector with TV? Well, it’s not officially there yet, but it won an award CES BEST INNOVATIONS In the category of video presentation. According to the explanatory note: “A Samsung The 65-inch QD Display TV is the world’s first truly RGB (light) emitting Quantum Dot OLED screen – revolutionizing the color and brightness of RGB OLEDs to combine the color and brightness of quantum dots for picture perfection. “

It is also clear from the text that QD Display TV will launch the new QD-OLED display “A Samsung beautiful INFINITI ONE Its design and captivating object tracking sound A technology that reproduces the movement of objects in the image.” The device from 2022 New Quantum It is based on a processor that delights gamers with an image refresh rate of 144Hz and four HDMI 2.1 You have input.

“With impeccable picture, sound and speed, QD Display TV is the new front line of home entertainment.”

the AVCEzar Report according to Samsung Electronics He presented something at private demonstrations, but nothing of what was presented there was leaked, because each of the journalists present is subject to a strict duty of confidentiality. the Samsung He clarified that the technology is not finalized yet, so the company does not want to communicate about it and the TVs that will be integrated into it. However, there are increasingly rumors that a new TV series QD Display will be available Samsung Its model number can be QS95B and the 55QS95B and 65QS95B models are.

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Perhaps in the coming weeks we can learn more about what is still a mystery Samsung QD- Show kről TV.

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