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I wish  Microsoft announced a pizza-scented Xbox controller

I wish Microsoft announced a pizza-scented Xbox controller

A special show has begun.

24.07.2023 – Neither Microsoft nor Sony are no strangers to creating limited edition consoles. They do not get additional features or improvements, they only differ from the basic versions in their color scheme. However, Microsoft appears to be upping the ante this time around. All this will be done through joint collaboration, in a creative and unique way.

The new console was created on the occasion of the release of the latest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. If you don’t understand what pizza is about at first, we’ll help you a little. Pizza is the favorite food of the heroes of TMNT comics, movies and series, so it was included in the design of the console. In addition to the smell of pizza, the radiant green slime responsible for the turtle’s transformation was the main guiding principle when designing the console exclusive.

Perfumed that gives you a nice scent!

Microsoft has installed an aroma diffuser on the consoles, which is often found in the case of electronic perfumes at home. Instead of the usual flavors, the company’s experts blended pizza-like aromas with noble simplicity. I’m glad you can’t just buy the console. Microsoft has produced a limited number, and they can be won in a lottery.

The local page has not yet been activated, so it is a bit doubtful whether we will be able to participate in the above-mentioned prize draw from Hungary. the official Otherwise, there is no exclusionary reason based on the regulations. Accordingly, the following conditions must be met:

source: PCForum forum

good luck!

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