Samsung Mobile One UI 4 update continues

Samsung Mobile One UI 4 update continues

The Samsung One UI 4 (Android 12) update is pretty much on its way and finally stopped before the holidays due to some compatibility issues with Google Play. Google and Samsung developers together fixed the software, so now, five days later, it appears that all relevant anomalies have been fixed successfully, and updates have been restarted accordingly.

Brand new design for Samsung Galaxy S21 G99xBXXS3BULC It bears a number in which the “x” does not indicate the location of the treasure but rather the specific type of device. Korean versions of the flagships A G99xNKSS3BULC They got a number of builds. The build of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 is F711xxxS2BUL6The Galaxy Z Fold 3 is F926xxxS1BUL6 Number, the three “x” are replaced with region-specific characters. A hundred words at the end: These versions are supposed to be hassle-free so far, and you can download them safely.

Anyone with a device participating in the upgrade can manually check to see if this data package is available to them. Of course, those who have purchased their smartphone from a service provider can expect some delay compared to the card-independent models.

source: XDA Developers

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