Riot promises “new mechanics” for the next Valorant map

The FPS, Valorant first launched on Riot Games, in April 2020 with three available levels: Bind, Haven, and Split. Since then, the number of courses has been continuously increased.

Every brave gamer, whether you’re a beginner or a pro, knows that adding new levels is a delicate balancing act to offer something new while not destroying the basics that make the game so fun.

When asked about the new track in an interview at the Red Bull Home Ground, Riot Games developer Joe Lansford promised “new mechanics”.

He also said it would be “similar” to an existing course, presumably in design or aesthetics.

“Next map, what can I say?” Smile. “It’s going to have a new mechanic. Um, yeah, not too crazy. These aren’t teleporters. But there’s going to be a new mechanic. It’s going to be similar to another map in the pool. That’s it.” [amit mondhatok]. “

Unfortunately, Lansford didn’t go into any deeper detail, meaning fans were left to speculate about the exact nature of the “mechanics” and how they compare to existing environments.

A few players on Reddit jokingly speculated what the new mechanic would be, with one saying,Gulaghe suggested.

Another speculated that “it will be a bot that you have to push into the other team’s spawn”.

Others were in a less humorous mood, with one of the highest-rated comments on Reddit: “Could well-designed websites be the new mechanics?”.

One thing is for sure, fans of the game can expect a lot of exciting content. Between Split’s long-awaited return to maps and the massive changes brought about by Patch 5.12, there is plenty of new content for players to enjoy.

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What did you guess?

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