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Top News – Zld desert in Austria – Zld desert in Austria
Between October 2022 and April 2023, 690 mm of precipitation fell during several storms, making it the sixth wettest winter of 1900-1901. (The average amount of precipitation that falls in the river is 100-150 mm.) The long-term effects of the glaciation are shown in a series of faked photographs, which were taken from the river bed in the impenetrable Ayr (Kati Thanda in the local parlance) basin.

From images captured by the NASA Terra satellite MODIS detector, captured on January 22 (left), water filled the temporary bed of the Georgina River and Air Creek (Air Creek) by April 21 (kzps kp), after March, the rain spread more and damaged more areas. In the picture, you can easily recognize that the water covers the western and southeastern directions belonging to the winds formed from si dneme. In the area upstream of the Aire, the species appeared in previously dammed areas, and by July (image at right) covered an even larger area.

Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) images of NASA’s Terra satellite taken between January and July 2023 from Eyre, Australia. (Cb: NASA Earth Observatory, Anmi Liang; MODIS data: NASA EOSDIS LANCE s GIBS/Worldview)

The temporary lake is filled by rivers, primarily Georgina and Eire, and has an area of ​​about 210,000 square kilometres. “Near” Adelaide, about 700 km away, reaches its highest level three times a year, and then dries up in 1.5-2 years. The sea floor is the lowest point in all of Australia, 15 meters below sea level. It is rarely completely filled, usually every ten or even less. It also has an average depth of only 4 meters, but with an area of ​​9,500 square kilometres, it is the largest lake in Australia. It is non-volatile, and its concentration at the highest temperature is the same as that of sea water, and then decreases over time.

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The winter rads are a regular across the desert, but the 2022-2023 season was special in several ways. It also coincided with a La Niña in the Csendes-Cen metropolitan area, which, according to data from the Austrian Meteorological Service, usually coincides with the wettest summers in South Australia. In addition, this year between January and March, more rainfall than usual caused prolonged flooding, because the surface that appeared after the first rainstorm helped hold back water from the following rainstorms, and the water runoff is slower. Because of the storms, many farms were flooded, and some settlements were flooded.

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