Russia and China want to show a united front against the West

Russia and China want to show a united front against the West

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xixing praised the exemplary relationship between the two countries, which shows a united front against the West.

The two leaders held a video chat on Wednesday, during which the Kremlin said Putin had emphasized this A new model of cooperation has emerged between Russia and China. According to him, part of this is the determination to have a common frontier “A zone of lasting peace and good-neighbourliness” Formed.

This relationship can be a real model for the 21st century cooperation.” announced.

Hszi reported that Chinese state media reported that Certain international powers interfering in the internal affairs of both countries on the basis of democracy, “brutally” In violation of international law and accepted standards.

He said China and Russia should work together more closely to ensure each other’s security interests.

In recent years, the two countries have become increasingly nervous with the West, neither of them was invited to attend last week’s democracy summit initiated by US President Joe Biden, and Hungary is not the only member of the European Union.

China has been sharply criticized by the United States and the European Union for, among other things, massive and widespread abuses in Xinjiang, restrictions on political freedoms in Hong Kong, and increased military activity in the region.

Russia has also been criticized for a number of reasons, such as cracking down on dissent and suppressing media freedom and its troop concentrations near the Ukrainian border.

Both Moscow and Beijing reject any criticism of the West.

Olympic District

Vladimir Putin confirmed in the reconciliation that he will participate in the Winter Olympics and Paralympics in Beijing next year, against which the United States, Britain, Canada and Australia have declared a diplomatic boycott over the treatment of Uyghurs by the Chinese authorities.

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Highlights:They are vehemently opposed Attempts to politicize sports and the Olympic movement.

Following a lawsuit against Russia’s state-sponsored doping programme, Russian state leaders were banned from participating in international sports competitions unless specifically called upon to do so by the host country, which is what happened here.

“We can finally meet face to face in Beijing in February.” The Russian president told his Chinese counterpart who said “Dear Friend” Call.

Unless another head of state or government visits China by the start of the Games on February 4, Putin will be the first foreign leader to meet Hsi in person in nearly two years since the coronavirus pandemic began. The Chinese president has not left his country since, and his last meeting was with the former Mongolian head of state, in February 2020.

Manufactured using AFP and Reuters reports.

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