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Retvari also sees the tightening of US visas as political revenge

Retvari also sees the tightening of US visas as political revenge

According to the Secretary of State, we cannot comply with the United States’ unjustified request.

The US Foreign Affairs spokesperson’s statement is misleading and false, as Hungary has acted on every specific US law enforcement request, a criminal prosecution has been conducted, and the violators have been stripped of their Hungarian citizenship. Despite this, the US government demands data from Hungarians living abroad

– That’s how he reacted Pence RitvarParliamentary Secretary of State at the Ministry of the Interior (BM). Matthew Miller According to a statement the ministry sent to MTI on Wednesday.

Miller stated at the US State Department press conference on Tuesday that compliance with the visa program was the sole reason for the US government’s decision to tighten Hungary’s participation in the US Visa Waiver Program. He pointed out that the reason was that, as far as the US Cabinet knew, the criminals also obtained Hungarian passports, because identity verification of applicants for Hungarian citizenship was not sufficient in 2020, that is, before the introduction of biometric passports in Hungary. . At the same time, the spokesperson did not answer the question of whether the US government had concrete knowledge that people with questionable backgrounds entered the United States on Hungarian passports.

In response to all this, Pence reminded Retvari: “The United States of America asks Hungary for data on 900,000 Hungarians living abroad with dual citizenship, but Hungary does not publish this data to anyone, because this would endanger the security of Hungarians living abroad. “

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He added: There is no guarantee that if we comply with this request, the data of Hungarians in Transcarpathia will not be released to Ukraine, which would have serious consequences for Hungarians there due to the ban on dual citizenship in Ukraine.

Since Hungary does not comply with the USA’s unjustified request, it is clear that they are taking revenge on the Hungarians for this matter.

Political statement. (MTI)

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