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China refuses to treat America as an imaginary enemy

The legislation provides $190 billion for US technology and research improvement measures, and $54 billion for research and manufacture of semiconductors and communications devices.

The Chinese parliament welcomed the package with anger and strong protest.

The legislation, he said, is a manifestation of the “paranoid exclusive winner illusion” and a reflection of the original spirit of innovation and competition.

The law must also be passed by the House of Representatives, after which it will only be ratified by US President Joe Biden. It is not yet known when this will happen.

The package outlines a number of measures related to China. Among other things It is prohibited to purchase drones manufactured by Chinese government-backed companiesand to download the TikTok social media app on US government devices. in the legislative package They allow Taiwanese diplomats and soldiers to use the Taiwan flag and wear their uniform while on official business in the United States. It also establishes comprehensive and binding sanctions for cyber attacks in China and theft of US intellectual property, and reviews the export of products that could be used to commit human rights crimes.

Democratic leader Senator Chuck Schumer said that would have serious consequences if it did not take a step with China in the research.

If we do nothing, our days in the position of the dominant superpower are numbered

– Tell.

We do not want those days to end under our rule. We do not want America to become a middle-ranking country in this century

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he added.

Joe Biden also praised the package of proposals.

We’re vying to win the 21st Century Retractor and Starting Pistol. We cannot risk being left behind


Senator Maria Cantwell indicated that the legislation supports NASA’s lunar mission called Artemis.

China has made it clear that its destination is Mars, and we will return to the moon to prepare for the trip to Mars

Cantwell confirmed.

Cover image source: Lintao Zhang / Getty Images

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