Red Bull: We must harvest as the cart goes

The Red Bull boss considers it important to reap the rewards while they are still on momentum, as they expect their punishment to hit during the season.

The Red Bull team opened the 2023 season with two double victories, with the most successful start of the year behind them. All this after speculation continued into the winter about how negatively they would be affected by the breach of the 2021 budget cap, which last fall cut wind tunnel development time by 7% compared to the original.

Right now, their RB19 stands out more than last year’s RB18. In Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, Max Verstappen can be a second faster than the main competitors if they want to.

Given this superiority, there are those who have already put the championship cups in their hands, but team boss Christian Horner is convinced that their opponents, who are now still struggling, will pull themselves together and use their development advantage over their punishment, which can help catch up. For that reason alone, the Brit feels it is important to score a lot of points as long as the cart is still running like that.

Sergio Perez (Photo: XPB)

“We are still at the beginning of the season. We have a twenty-three race calendar, we have completed two races so far, and the courses are very different. Australia is coming in just over a week and it will be a blast. Anyway, we are confident we can achieve more from our car.” .

“Those rules are still pretty new, we’re only in our second year with them, so I expect the field to get closer during the year. So we have to mow the hay while the sun shines, as long as we have such a competitive car. And we just have to keep pushing through the season.”

– said the head of the British team Sky Sportsto.

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“It was important for us to get off to a good start. The wind tunnel restrictions have been in place since last October, so there’s no room for mistakes because of the limited tracks, where you can’t get out with such an obstacle. The team did a great job with the RB19. It was our best start to this season at all.”

Christian Horner and Max Verstappen (Photo: XPB)

“We’ve only entered two races, but we’ve got two double wins and one point short of the maximum points we can get. I don’t think we could have dreamed of such a thing before the start of the season.”

Horner emphasized that this success is the merit of the entire plant. “This team works at an amazingly high level and with its entire structure, because you cannot achieve such a result if only one department does its part. It was the same in all areas, whether it was the aerodynamics team, the design office, driving dynamics, production or the commercial side. What they see of us on the field is only a small percentage of who we are, and the recognition for the work goes behind the scenes.”

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