A senior judge in the United States has to explain himself because of his supporter who collects Nazi antiquities

April 09, 2023 – 07:55

Clarence Thomas, Member of the Supreme Court of the United States – Photograph: Evelyn Hochstein/Reuters

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Clarence Thomas, a member of the Supreme Court of the United States, has an explanation for his friendship with Republican donor Harlan Crown. A report revealed Crowe had a tome signed by Mein Kampf and paintings of dictators, and the judge had accepted several gifts from the benefactor, writing: Guardian.com.

Crowe, who supports US Republicans, has been in the spotlight for his gifts to the Chief Justice. It turned out that the supporter had statues of dictators, including Stalin and Mussolini, in his garden, as well as Nazi memorabilia and paintings, two of which were works by Hitler.

A member of the US Supreme Court, Clarence Thomas, found himself in a sticky spot after a report by ProPublica revealed more about the gifts the Crow showered the judge over the past 25 years. The report also cited private jet flights and expensive luxury vacations. The judge said federal rules did not require him to report those “personal matters.” According to the Washington Post, Thomas has announced only two such trips since 2004, and kept the rest a secret, which many believe violates the law.

A source who visited Crowe’s apartment said that Crowe had paintings of George W. Bush and Norman Rockwell, and that a portrait of Hitler hung on the wall right next to them.

Although many people claim it, there is little chance that Thomas will be held accountable: the last time such a thing happened was in 1804. In addition, there is a Republican majority in the House of Representatives of the US legislature.

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