Reality műsort készít a Squid Game-ből a Netflix kép

Realfity by Squid Game created by Netflix

Hopefully the concept isn’t overly resourceful.

Recently, Netflix officially scheduled the second season of the Squid Game, which Hwang Dong-hyuk has already been working on since last year. Last fall’s Netflix sensation was expected to re-emerge as a topic of public discussion this fall, and the struggling giant just announced that it’s bringing a Squid-based reality show to subscribers.

The project, nicknamed Squid Game: The Challenge, of course has the blessings of the original series. The season, scheduled for 10 parts, will take place in the UK, with the English language selection still ongoing, so that anyone can apply with more confident English skills. The show will feature 465 players for a grand prize of $4.56 million – both the number of players and the prize pool will be all-time records in television history. Netflix also added that in addition to the well-known games from the series, new games will be made for players and the show will be full of surprises. Of course none of the players will die, or at least the official scenario doesn’t count on it, so who knows where this social experience will deteriorate.

At the beginning of the year a similar attempt could have come from Hungary (with a much smaller jackpot), but the links that were still working in January have been unavailable since then, so it’s safe to say none of this materialized in the end. .

Do you think we need a real Squid game?

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