Home robberies and demonstrations resumed.

The good news is that the coronavirus epidemic is coming to an end, with more and more people looking for homes for sale again themselves, but at the same time the habit of stealing from home demonstrations is returning. New York times. In the US, this and that is mostly stolen from public house demonstrations, but the buyer also left other homes for sale by taking something with them.

The ‘open house’, i.e. when anyone can go see an apartment for sale, is attracted to those who just come for guest food, go for home decorating ideas, or use it for dating, but it’s up to real estate to clear this up, and they’re really baffling. Some brokers have complained that someone has stolen $16,000 worth of jewelry from their home show, expensive or good looking liquors are often stolen, and it’s very common to have one or two fewer towels in the bathroom at the end of the show, as far as they started. This highlights another problem in the United States is that the most common theft value in addition to jewelry is medicine.

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