Brussels was scared after unveiling a plan to represent national interests

Quarantine is being introduced throughout France

To curb the coronavirus epidemic, French President Emmanuel Macron announced in a televised address Wednesday evening that the French government will extend restrictions that were in place for the second week in a row in Paris and eighteen other provinces, starting on Saturday. Macron had previously taken controversial and hasty action, as the ICUs were nearly full.

The measures will be in effect for at least four weeks.

The government recommends working from home for everyone, the night curfew will remain in effect from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., accommodations can only be left within 10 kilometers during the day, and no more than six people can gather on the street, between – traffic is prohibited in the district, except Urgent or official matters only.

The head of state also announced that Schools, kindergartens and nurseries will be closed for three weeks, with distance learning in the first week, followed by spring break for two weeks.

Emmanuel Macron admitted in a televised address that he made a mistake in managing the epidemic. As previously reported, a series of contradictory and hasty measures have been taken: Vaccination is also progressing slowly, with half of the people vaccinated so far in Hungary compared to Hungary.

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