Turkish elections: The third-place finisher stands behind Erdogan in the second round

Sinan Ogan justified his move with stability.

Third place in the first round of the Turkish presidential elections on May 14, Sinan Ogan On Monday in Ankara, he called on his supporters to vote in the second round of the presidential elections on May 28 Recep Tayyip Erdogan To support the current head of state, reports MTI.

In his press conference earlier in the evening, Ogan said:

I declare that in the second round of elections I will support the candidate of the People’s Alliance (Party Alliance), the respected Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Erdogan won the first round of the presidential elections on May 14 with 49.52 percent of the vote, but in the absence of an absolute majority, a second round will be held on May 28 with the participation of the best candidates. main opposition candidate, Kemal Kilicdaroglu Launched by the six-party alliance Nemzet Szövetze, it received 44.88% of the vote. An anti-immigration coalition stood behind Ogan, who received 5.17 percent.

In his press conference on Monday, Ogan justified his decision to stabilize the country. He stressed that one of the important foundations for the stability of the executive presidential system in Turkey is that the parliament and the presidency are under the control of the same coalition.

On May 14, in the single round of parliamentary elections held in parallel with the presidential election, the People’s Alliance won the government’s party coalition. At 49.47 percent, Erdogan’s ruling party, the conservative Islamist Justice and Development Party, won 268 seats in the 600-member legislature. An alliance of opposition parties called Nemzet Szövezége received 35.02 percent of the vote, giving the largest opposition party, the Kemalist Republican People’s Party, 169 parliamentary seats.

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Ogan also rejected allegations that compromising political positions influenced his decision.

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