Putyin szóvivője "nagy leleplezéssel" állt elő

Putin’s spokesman came with a “great inspiration”.

The Bandura documents, which journalists have found linking thousands of companies and offshore tax havens and 336 senior politicians and civil servants, including more than a dozen heads of state and government, ministers and ambassadors, confirm that the world is the largest tax haven in the United States. . This is the opinion of the Russian leadership, according to a statement by government spokesman Dmitry Peskov Moscow Times According to the report.

Asked about agreements related to the foreign assets of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s close allies, the spokesman said the documents do not mention Putin nor mention any hidden assets of key insiders. What turns out to be the world’s largest marine paradise is the United States. This contrasts with the fact that the United States is at the forefront of fighting corruption in the world, he said.

It contains 11.9 million documents Collection made based on Report He really mentioned the United States as one of the world’s biggest overseas players. More than a dozen US states have been at the forefront of business secrecy over the past decade. Investigative journalists found that Russian individuals were overrepresented in the Pandora documents, with 14 percent of the 27,000 companies surveyed attributable to Russian beneficiaries and 46 Russian oligarchs found using offshore companies.

One of the characters in the newspapers is Sergei Chemezov, CEO of the Rostek defense group, who is an old friend of Putin. The other is German Gref, the first man at state-owned Szberbank, and the third is Ernst Konstantin, CEO of Russia’s most watched state television station. According to one of the documents, Svetlana Krivonogyi, the alleged lover of Putin, became the owner of the $4.1 million Monaco real estate in 2003 through an offshore company.

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