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Pulisic double, four shutouts – USA beats Mexico in N.Y

Pulisic double, four shutouts – USA beats Mexico in N.Y

The United States beat Mexico 3-0, while Canada beat Panama 2-0 in the CONCACAF Nations League semi-finals to set up the North American final in this series.

The USA reached the Champions League final after a tough game (Picture: Getty Images)

Two of its biggest stars, Alfonso Davies (Bayern Munich) and Jonathan David (Lille), scored in Canada’s 2-0 win over Panama in their first semi-final, a match that also featured an 89th-minute display. But the US-Mexico semi-finals…

It was all here: American star Christian Pulisic, who had fallen out of favor at Chelsea, came first in the 37th minute, then after his turn, in the 46th minute, making a huge lead and starting the tension. Mexican referee Cesar Montes was sent off first in the 69th minute, and after two minutes, American Weston McKinney was able to take a shower as well.

In the 79th minute, a goal from twenty-year-old Ricardo Pepe decided the match, but there was a problem at the end: in the 86th minute, Gerardo Ortega and Sergino Dest received a red card from both teams.

In the CONCACAF Region Nations League Series, the final will be played between the United States and Canada.

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Nations League, CONCACAF
Panama and Canada 0-2 (c. David 25, Davis 70)
Shown: Davis (Canada, 89)
USA – Mexico 3-0
(Policy 37, 46, Baby 79)
Shown: McKinney 71., Dest. 86., or Montes 69., Arteaga 86)

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