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Pointer – and at the same time – showed Little Count his new luxurious home

Pointer – and at the same time – showed Little Count his new luxurious home

The funny star moves on to celebrity.

As Index recently reported, the fun-loving musician and his family decided to move from Szolnok to Piaturbáje before long planning. They have been waiting for this for a long time, but now the movement is slowly but surely moving towards the goal. Grófo Kis revealed that he dreamed of a clean, minimalist home for himself and his family, eschewing any simple decorative elements.

This step really reached the finish line, finally. There’s a lot of excitement in the family now, especially as the kids wait with great curiosity to see what it’s like to be in the new place. It’s true that based on the original plans we would have moved a long time ago, but sometimes there are minor mistakes. Of course, my three children will have separate rooms, and it is also likely that we will soon splash in the pool

– I mentioned earlier for pepper Grófo Kis, who has since moved its headquarters from Szolnok to Biatorbágy, near Budapest, where many other famous people also live. By the way, this step was necessary because the singer traveled a lot for his performances, especially to the capital, so he almost went home to sleep. now The facts are a plus He also showed his staff about his home, which is in the process of finishing touches, and which he plans to finally occupy in the summer.

Therefore, since I turned 30, I can now say that I can be more decisive in my life and my wife and children have decided to move here next to Budapest.

– said Grófo Kis with a laugh, who also revealed that their new home will have a fountain, jacuzzi and furniture with a monogram.

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