Pfizer may temporarily restrict delivery of vaccines to Europe

Pfizer may temporarily restrict delivery of vaccines to Europe

The Commission said that many European countries, including the United Kingdom and Norway, may receive fewer vaccines from Pfizer next week than expected, making it more difficult for vaccines to spread slowly across the continent. Financial times.

Gere Bokolm, director of epidemiology at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, said the US pharmaceutical company had informed Norway on Friday morning that it may send 18 percent fewer vaccines than expected next week.

Photo: Sebastian Bozón / AFP

The temporary reduction will affect all European countries.

This is because Pfizer is reorganizing its production to increase its production capacity from 1.3 billion to 2 billion this year.

The transition will take place in a few weeks, but due to this, the volume of delivery planned for the first quarter needs a slight adjustment. However, the temporary quantitative restriction is expected to affect shipments only in late January and early February.

Norway will receive 36,075 doses of the vaccine over the next week instead of the expected 43,875 doses.

Since the Scandinavian country will be supplied through the Pfizer Foundation in Puurs, Belgium, it is sure to affect the UK, which is also supplied through this channel.

However, Jere Boucolm stressed that

Norway, like many other European countries, has established an emergency reserve in the event of problems transporting vaccines.

According to the expert, this kit lasts for a few weeks.

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