Paris is one of the worst cities for foreigners - again

Paris is one of the worst cities for foreigners – again

Another poll chose Paris as one of the worst cities for settlers, but would it really be that bad?

Out of a total of 174 countries, 12,000 foreigners were asked which city was the most uninhabitable for them, the report said, and Paris ended up in a very bad place despite its reputation. the local French news edition.

According to Expat City Raking 2021 poll, “City of Love” ranked only 51st, but it managed to overtake Rome, Milan, Johannesburg, Istanbul and Tokyo, which is a small advantage.

According to the participants, the locals are more aggressive in the world than those from abroad. Fifty-three percent of respondents said it was difficult to find friends in the city, compared to the global average of 32 percent.

According to another survey, Paris is one of the worst cities, with 59% finding it difficult to find housing and 77% finding it difficult to maintain. One in five participants said they did not feel safe in Paris – more than double the global average.

When those thinking of moving to the French capital ask for recommendations or advice on Facebook groups, comments often reflect the discontent of those who live in the city. One of the most commented posts on the British and Irish Immigrants forum contains the following sentence: I see people here especially get nervous over the smallest thing.

The French capital routinely ends at or near the end of the settler ratings. To tell the truth, most French people who live outside Paris also consider the capital a filthy, noisy and unfriendly place where life turns very fast and everyone gets nervous.

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But it can’t be that bad. Of the 136,000 Britons and 27,000 in the United States living in France, most live in Ile-de-France, suggesting that Paris must also have some corresponding qualities.

In the 2021 Expat City Ranking Survey, the city performed well in the areas of job security, affordable healthcare, and leisure activities.

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