A researcher infected with worms for an experiment

A researcher infected with worms for an experiment

Dr. Jimmy BurnoutAn animal scientist at the US National Science Foundation (NSF) reports a strange experiment in On Twitter, Who participated in it himself – writes IFLScience.

The expert infected 50 hookworms to assess the effects of a new vaccine.

According to Burnout, parasites can have a very severe impact on a host, but we must not forget that parasites are essential to a healthy ecosystem. For example, parasites are able to regulate the food chain.


The researcher highlighted that hookworms are of particular interest to science, as parasites infect about 500 million people annually, usually in tropical and subtropical regions. Parasites can cause a variety of symptoms, and in some cases, the infection is not a alarm.

In Perno’s case, worms entered his body through his wrist, and the researcher experienced an itchy sensation soon after the injury, which subsequently worsened. A rash appeared on his wrist. The tiny worms, a few millimeters away, traveled through the vascular system, reaching their lungs and throat as well. Parasite counts were monitored using stool samples, and eggs appeared in the researcher’s samples at 76 days.

About a year after the start of the experiment, the specialist was vaccinated. Pirno had previously been involved in a number of studies, but this was the first time he had joined a clinical trial as a subject. The expert does not yet know if he has received a placebo or a real vaccine.

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