Organizers of the Sao Paulo Grand Prix want it postponed

Last year the São Paulo Grand Prix was missed, and it looked like this year it won’t end up in Interlagos but Rio field will return.

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Finally a new one Five-year contract I managed to put an end to the case. They managed to come to an agreement with Liberty, not Brazil, but with the São Paulo Grand Prix.

This year, the race is set to be the last race on the American continent as part of a triple weekend. The competition was originally supposed to take place on November 14, but then – to make way for Melbourne again – the date was brought forward a week earlier.

However, the Australian Grand Prix DeletedSo there is a month-long break between the South American competition and the first Saudi Grand Prix.

The organizers now want to go back to a later date, as November 25 is the anniversary of the proclamation of the republic in Brazil.

“If our proposal is accepted, the city and county’s revenue will increase significantly.” Governor Joao Doria explains.

a Model 1 There are currently three locations on its calendar – Turkey, Mexico and Brazil – and they are on the UK’s “red list”. This means that team members will have to quarantine upon their return from these races, as long as the regulations remain unchanged by then.

The status of Japan is not certain yet, due to strict entry requirements, but there can be downloaded the field 10 days after the Turkish Grand Prix.

If the Brazilians’ request is complied with, there will be no place on the competition calendar to make up for the Australian Grand Prix. Thus, a maximum of one race will be completed in December 23 shots identified by Liberty.

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