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One of America’s greatest rivalries heats up at Le Mans
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One of America’s greatest rivalries heats up at Le Mans

Although they did not pay attention to each other, the two most serious teams in the United States would still find battle during the new project.

In IndyCar, there are undoubtedly two teams that stand out from the rest: Chip Ganassi Racing and Team Penske. In the last 15 years, these two teams have failed to deliver the champion only once, and 11 out of 14 competitions have won so far this year.

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They also appeared in many other championships, thus becoming one of the most iconic figures in American motorsports. Aside from IndyCar, NASCAR was the last combined battlefield until Ganassi’s withdrawal in 2021.

Penske has been more successful with the regular car, and the experience could also help them in IndyCar, where their drivers usually do well on oval tracks.

Among sports cars, Ganassi won many titles, although it was not in the class in which Penske started either. But this situation changed this year, as the two giants of America faced each other in an unusual way.

IMSA and the World Endurance Championship (WEC) to a common class Because most of the manufacturers arrived this year, the two teams entered into alliances with one brand each, which made them compete in two more tournaments.

IMSA has broken its word, and will not make things easy for the teams

Ganassi will start with one Cadillac each, while Penske will run two cars each as part of Porsche’s dual program (European and American).

“How could we plan it this way? Impossible!” – says Mike Hall, Managing Director of Chip Ganassi Racing Motorsports.comto.

“We don’t consult them in advance about our next plan, we’re just in the same place at the same time. That’s how we compare ourselves, and they do the same with us.

It always feels good, but it shouldn’t crush you. It is all about what we can achieve on that day. I’m sure they’re going the same way, they don’t want to beat Ganassi, they just want to win.”

Porsche Penske Motorsport teammate Jonathan Duguid also confirmed that rivalry makes both teams better.

“We can always measure ourselves against them. If it doesn’t work we usually only blame ourselves. But if Ganassi is here, we know another team can do it, why can’t we? That’s important.”

There is more struggle, but the bond is closer

They currently stand differently in the two leagues – also because of the different tie systems.

Whatever the balance of payments [Balance of Performance, vagy kiegyenlítés]Ultimately, it’s up to the teams to make the best weekend possible. In addition to ourselves, we can always expect that from Ganassi’s team as well.” Diogoid continues to praise the opponent.

In the case of the WEC, they have one podium so far, but Ganassi’s Cadillac is better in the points race. So far, only LMH cars have managed to win, and the LMDh cars used by Porsche and Cadillac – with a common hybrid power source – are still waiting for their first victory.

For this reason, Ganassi and Penske are forced to work together, as they have a common interest in being able to compete with other manufacturers.

In IMSA – in the absence of LMH cars – so far Porsche leads the victory record by 2-1, and in terms of points the difference between the three cars (two Porsches, one Cadillac) is insignificant.

Porsche is preparing for the American equivalent of Le Mans with three champions

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