One Hungarian from Szeged will remain in Britain

Nearly 160,000 people have applied for a residence permit.

Statistics of British Home Affairs include data on the citizenship of applicants until the end of the third quarter of last year: according to this, the number of applications submitted by Hungarians by September 30 was approaching 160,000, according to MTI. Britain withdrew from the European Union on January 31, 2020. Termination of British membership in the European Union (Britain’s exit from the European Union), EU citizens had to apply for a residence permit (settled status) in order to stay legally in the country.

The deadline for that expired in principle on June 30 last year, but the British government continues to encourage claimants to submit their applications in any case, as they will be accepted and considered by the authorities.

By December 31, 2021, 6,385,500 citizens from 27 EU member states living in Britain had applied for settled status, according to a new summary from Britain’s Home Office. Of the applications, 333,200 were received after the June 30 deadline.

By the last day of December, 6,057,400 applications had been adjudicated; 613400 after the June 30 deadline. In 52 percent of approved applications, applicants were granted final status and 41 percent of pre-determined status.

The latter is available to those who arrived before 31 December 2020 with the intention of establishing themselves but have not yet completed five years of living in the UK at the time of application. They can also wait until the five years have passed and then obtain a final residence permit. Until then, they are fully entitled to the rights they have obtained. The UK Home Office had rejected 3 per cent of applications processed by the end of December.

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The data set, which also includes the nationality of the applicants, will be included in the statistics until the end of the third quarter of last year. In this way As of September 30, 158,830 Hungarian citizens have applied for a permanent residence permit in Great Britain.Romanians top the list with 1,133,980 applications, followed by Poles (1124930), Italians (560,720), Portuguese (427,470) and Spaniards (364,170). Of the citizens of the largest EU member state living in Great Britain, the French had submitted 236,710 and the Germans 167,920 by September.

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