Ricciardo is optimistic about the outcome in Baku


Friday, June 17, 2022, 6:15 pm


The Australian rider finished eighth in the Azerbaijani capital and said the result could be encouraging for him in the future as he managed a challenging track.

The McLaren driver is still struggling to find the rhythm, often trailing his teammate Lando Norris in both timekeeping and racing. However, the dice rolled in Baku and took advantage of the virtual safety car stage ahead of Norris, taking his first points in his main race at his home race since the Australian Grand Prix in April.

“Obviously we had a smoother weekend in Baku and I am happy with the work done after Monaco showed up on the field as well. Given its character, the track is always challenging,” Ricciardo said at the FIA ​​press conference in Montreal in the presence of Formula.hu. Big, so it’s definitely encouraging for the future that we’ve been able to do well there.

The barn in Woking repeatedly used the team’s instructions in the race, which Ricciardo didn’t bother at all with. “It’s actually simple because at the start of the race I was asked to stay behind Lando and at the end, so the instructions balanced each other out. Obviously in the heat of the race, when you attack someone, you want to overtake them, but we talked about it before the race so we could get into the That situation at some point in the race due to different strategies. I trusted the team because they had a better view of the entire race from the outside, and in the end it worked.”

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Ricciardo was also happy to comment on the extension of the Australian Grand Prix contract, which was announced this week: so he is certainly an encouragement. There is always a lot of action on and off the field, so I am very happy.”

The field will compete at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal this weekend, where Ricciardo took his first win of 2014, and is still a Red Bull rider.

“I remember my first laps here with Toro Rosso when I was driving free practice. When I got into the box after the first install I told everyone the track was really fun. I’ve loved this place ever since, it has a great personality, some of its parts remind us of the times of go -kart”.

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